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Child Focus – Photo animations


These Days Y&R asked us to animate a series of portraits for Child Focus. These portraits are shared on social media and shown on digital billboards in the streets.

We’ve had some earlier experience animating photos for Unicef and Chicago Pneumatics, but this project proved to be something else…

We all know the portraits of Ilse, Liam and Nathalie. As kids we were fascinated and even a little scared that this could happen to us too. Today as parents, the idea of losing your kid and not knowing what happened feels like one of the most horrible things someone could ever experience.

Just to say that animating these portraits was quite a heavy and confronting job. As an animator we had to imagine how these kids would move and look you in the eye. For some of the parents this is the first moving image they see of their child in years. So it felt like quite a responsibility.

We hope with this campaign Child Focus triggers people to have a fresh look at these cases once again, maybe resulting in the one tip that makes all the difference.

Follow the complete campaign on the Child Focus FaceBook page.

Agency: These Days Y&R
Client: Child Focus


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