types of animation

Now imagine a world where it rains yellow jello and shaved bears on unicycles want to give you tantric massages with paper umbrellas.

Difficult? Not for us.

In our animated worlds, anything is possible. We’ve been down and around the rabbit hole. You tell us what you want. We build you an animated story.

Sketching concept art or storyboarding, copywriting or set building, we visualise your ideas or build the world you didn’t know you needed.


Call it cell or frame-by-frame animation. You need a skilled animating artist to build animations the oldskool way. A craft we honour and love. Disney all the way!

Explainer animation

Explaining a complex idea, product or service in less than 2 minutes… Yes, it can be done, we do it all the time. You tell us all we need to know. We listen, listen some more, compress, distill and finetune until we have a crystal clear story targeting your audience.

Stop motion animation

It’s like cell animation, but working with real sets and props instead of drawing every frame. We build an animaton set in our studio or on location, take 24 pictures for every second of stop motion animation.

Motion Graphics

Whether it’s a logo, still images, infographics of complex models or workflows, high-end presentations… They all look better when properly animated.

Title design

We design a motion styleguide for your show, channel or even brand, containing all animated elements needed to build your own branded content. Call it branding in motion.

3D visualisation

When you need to previsualize a movie scene, a building or interior, an exhibition, we can create a virtual walkthrough or composite. This virtual model can be composited with live ground or drone footage for the ultimate previz.