studio space

theblackbox is a creative place where stuff gets done.
Our studio is completely equipped for a professional video and animation production.


Our studio is set up as a multifunctional space for filmshoots and photoshoots and can be set up as a :

  • film set
  • greenscreen set
  • packshot studio
  • stop motion set
  • tv set
  • how-to video set
  • presentation set
  • webinar set
  • office space
  • fully equipped kitchen set
  • meeting or brainstorm pit
  • animation masterclass
  • kitchen set


A useable studio space of 84m2 with:

  • 6 x 3m white studio wall
  • green screen backdrop
  • anthracite concrete floor
  • several cameras on set, others upon request
  • different lighting options
  • 220V and 380V power supplies


Our studio space and the gear in it are for rent.

  • studio rental starting at €350 / day

Contact us with more info about your next studio project and we’ll get in touch.

theblackbox - BlackMagic cameras


We have several cameras and lenses on set, ready for you to use. Of course any camera and lens setup can be prepared upon request or you bring your preferred gear.

  • BlackMagic 4K Production Camera
  • BlackMagic 2.5K Cinema Camera
  • Manfrotto 504HD + 546GBK tripod


Our studio can be used both as a natural light set or as a studio lit black box set:

  • studiolight setup with Kino Flo 4 foot 4 banks and LED panel accent lights
  • tungsten light setup with 24 dimmable ceiling LEDs + corner LED strips
  • daylight setup with skylights and glass wall of 4 parts of 3,5m x 3m
  • outdoor (fresnel) lights can be added to the daylight setup upon request

Easily transformed from a daylight to a studio light set with blackout blinds on all windows.

  • skylights with sunlight diffuser and blackout blinds.
  • 4 part glass wall has sliding windows and rolling blackout blinds.

powered & connected


  • 220V floor sockets / ethernet ports
  • 220V ceiling sockets / ethernet / HDMI ports
  • 3 phase – 380V wall socket
  • 3 phase power splitter with 12 Schuko outlets


  • floor, wall and ceiling ethernet ports
  • wall audio connections
  • ceiling HDMI ports
  • central audio / video hub


That’s right. A kitchen, because we love food. And because your gastronomical masterpiece needs the best possible set.

  • 3m x 1,2m oak kitchen counter with space for 6 people to sit + cook
  • USB + power + Ethernet ports in counter and wall
  • minimalistic 6 spot induction hob and built-in downdraft cooker hood (Miele)
  • 2 ovens (Miele)
  • big fridge and freezer + storage